The Hand emerges in the eroding boundary between art and technics, in the search for a contemporary method of integrated design. Design that is not only aesthetics or problem solving but is instead an exploration, uniting community and artists, into the joy and brutal texture of life. To this end we design and build and design again.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


It was a great day of friends, family, and strangers giving new life to the city fabric.

The humble beginnings of a Nutalist at work.
The thumb's up.
Even the little people helped.
Give me some skin.
These guys make it look easy.
Thanks to the whole team for an amazing job. The sculpture now stands tall in it's temporary downtown home.

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Yun said...

Hey buddy~!I'm Yun~It was reeeeally awesome!!!!where is the hand now?I can't wait to see it!you guys are amazing~good job~next time let me join you guys!!:D